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2017, Park Model- Northlander

Trailer located at: Cedardale Family Campground & Seasonal Resort

Waterfront – Site 104 – $100,000.00 2017 Northlander Reflection This beautiful 2017 38 X 12, 2 bedroom Park Model Trailer is located on a prime Waterfront Site overlooking Lake Ontario. It is located close to the store, rec hall, beach, and playground. It includes a wrap-around deck, shed, central air, and 3 piece bathroom. For an appointment to view this unit: https://cedardale.killamleisureliving.com/2020/05/05/349/ call 613-475-1105 or email us at cedardale@killiamreit.com

Contact Name: Cedardale Resort

Contact Phone: 613-475-1105

Contact Email: cedardale@killamreit.com