The Homestead Trailer Park Ltd Reviews


Jul 22, 2018


I was there as a: Overnight Tenter, Family with children  

Absolutely disgusted how the way The owners Diane and John treated a sale and recent camping experience. Wednesday I made the 2hr trip to ensure this camp ground would be appropriate for my family of 8 along with 2 family’s of 4 and 5 leaving us with a family of 17 members. Upon reservation we knew there was a total fire ban warning. But Diane assured apon making the reservation that a propane fire was aloud, along with a key to a designated private washroom due to the high number of people in our group. Apon arrival on friday evening at 7:30pm we had met John and Amy. Paying out our site at 84$ cash each family and asking for the key for the washroom, followed with no receipt. We were told that it would be brought up to our site. The site itself arriving had garbage still on the ground amoung owners new puppy poop that had not been pick up. Along with bees burying nests all over the ground. Diane had come up stating after already been assured apon booking with her regarding the washroom, that this will not be available due to the key they had was for the whole park.. and provided 2 buckets to go in.. :-( later on that evening we began to set up the propane fire, to find that less then 2 hrs later the owner John rudely approaches stating we need to turn it off due to the total fire ban. A huge turn off followed the next morning when the remaining trailer folks are walking right through ur tenting area with no privacy . After doing research and taking a drive out to the local O.P.P station the total fire ban opts out propane fire pits that clearly have an on and off switch. I approached Diane, after lunch on Saturday and she apologized claiming she would get back to me saying it’s her husband that makes the “outside rules” and she would let me know later on. Around 7:30 I sent my husband down to the office to enquire and John regardless of prior arrangements upon booking doesn’t care what was said, or the OPP he will not allow. I called and asked John to come to the site and personally apologize and refused and offered nothing but an excuse that he doesn’t care what was said by his wife Diane, it’s not happening he will not honour any rebruisement payment is made in full and could care less if we were to leave. We ended up packing 3 cars at 10 pm at night and making the 2hr journey home. It’s not the fact of not wanting a fire, just don’t be dishonest to your customers to get a sale. If your not honouring what was said you should give payment back. I wouldn’t reccommend to anyone. When your told lies just to accumulate a sale that’s dishonesty john and Diane at homestead trailer park Word of advice make sure everything’s written in paper. If it sounds to good to be true it’s probably no good. Never pay cash always have a paper trail.

The Homestead Trailer Park Ltd: As of July 21, there are 59 wild fires in Ontario, 26 of them are out of control, one wild fire as close as Parry Sound, to quote Highlands East website "A Total Fire Ban Is In Effect" I'm not willing to risk the safety of the other 150 families, that abide by the Fire Ban. Everyone is disappointed they can't have a fire, including those with an approved OPP propane fire. When I approached them Friday evening, I was not rude, there's no reason to be rude, they just didn't like the fact that the Homestead doesn't allow a two foot high propane fire. As for the privacy issue, there are 4 campsites in that area, that are divided by a public road/walkway. If they wanted a receipt, all they had to do is ask for one. I was not aware we had an in ground bee problem, tell us, it will be fixed. We are a pet friendly campground, most campers pickup after their pets, the dog they mentioned, is not my dog, we live in a house (not a campsite) with a lap dog that is not out of our site, the camper (my daughter) that is camping next to them, said their dog was on a lead and all dog poop was on their campsite. They did call Saturday evening demanding that I come to their campsite to apologize to her children, I refused, I told her that there are a lot of disappointed children in the park and that I don't need to apologize for Mother Nature's lack of rain fall. The campsites they reserved, are the furthest from the public washrooms, however, I walked from their campsite to the public washrooms, it took less than 4 minutes. As for garbage on they're sites, that couldn't be further from the truth, we pride ourselves for having a clean park, part of our daily chores is cleaning sites and fire-pits after every guest leaves. We have no reason, to be dishonest, we are fully booked most weekends, there was some miss communication, that I can apologize for. John I take full responsibility for the mix-up we had with these families, after viewing the campsites, she was the one that booked all the sites there was to be three families with eight children. I was under the impression that there was fourteen in total, not seventeen. We did talk about the washrooms, she was concerned about the walk in the middle of the night with all the children. I did offer her a key to our secondary washroom that we only open for special events because that washroom has mechanical issues, I also offered her the pump house next to her campsites, I would be more then willing to keep that open for they're families and they could bring up a port a potty with them too use, she liked that idea, she told me her brother would bring one up with him. It ended up her brother didn't bring up one with him, so my son and I closed up my store for an hour and looked everywhere for the one that we own, needless to say my daughter left it out and lost it. I told them this and she was understanding , I also explained to them that my husband did not feel comfortable with giving them the key to that secondary washroom because it was the Master key to every building in our park, store included. I told them this and she was OK with it, I felt bad so I gave them buckets and toilet paper for the girls for night time. Needless to say I will never do that again, those campsites are basically wilderness campsites, you have to walk to the washrooms. As for the Propane campfire that was my mistake, I gave them permission to have a propane fire, NOT knowing how my husband felt, that is where I need to apologize, I'm a people pleaser, my husband is the one with common sense. Diane