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CRA Campaign

We Need Your Support!

In 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) told some campground owners that they no longer qualify for the small business tax deduction, which most of them have been claiming for years.  What this means is that their tax rate will go from 17% to close to 50%!  My industry has been working hard to make the politicians listen to us – but the politicians do not think it is an issue.    

I hope that they will listen to you – one of the 5.6 million Canadians that love to go camping.  My industry is more than willing to pay our fair share of taxes – but it is not fair that because we are small businesses that own land – we will pay higher taxes than small motels and hotels and other tourism businesses.
You can support our industry in any of the following ways: 
2. Send an email to the Prime Minister.
3. Send this letter or write your own to the Prime Minister. No postage required.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-672-2226 should you have any issues with any of the links. On behalf of all campgrounds in Ontario, we appreciate any support you can give to this cause.