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You Are Choosing Excitement When Camping Near Sandbanks

Are you looking for a place where you can call home base for an exploration of Prince Edward Country? Camping near Sandbanks is one of the best places that you can use as a starting point for exploring the areas around Prince Edward Country. There are over 500 campsites that are vehicle accessible that span throughout five different campgrounds. They are the Woodland Campground, Outlet River A, Outlet River B, Richardson's Campground and the Cedars. All five of the locations offer both public and private camping near Sandbanks. Camping is what seems to draw the most people to the area because of the incredible amount of migratory birds that come to the area during certain times of the year. Some visitors to the park choose only seasonal camping near Sandbanks just for the bird watching availability.

Large Groups Are Welcome

If you are part of a group that needs to have a larger campground, the Woodlands Campground near Sandbanks has two separate sites that can accommodate around fifty people. Make sure that you call first to ensure that camping vacancies near Sandbanks are available for you and your family, especially if you have a large group of more than a dozen people. You will find that each of the campgrounds near Sandbanks are similar, but set up a little different than each other. Some of the camping grounds around Sandbanks can accommodate large trailers, while others are set up to only have a single tent. You can contact the park to learn all about each are of the park and the camping availability that is presented in each.

Camping Grounds Around Sandbanks

Edgewater Family Camping Resort is offers family-friendly camping near Sandbanks also and is a popular tourist spot because of its proximity to the Sandbanks Provincial Park. You will find a good number of campsites and hookups for trailers at Edgewater with a great community atmosphere and the best part is that it's within a few minutes of the park and could be your personal gateway to exploring Prince Edward Country.